Landfills and Dumps

Over 90% of the MSW end in a land-fill or open dump

Sanitary landfill is an engineered pit with a protected bottom and side-liners where unrecoverable, stabilised waste is buried in layers. The waste is compressed to save space and covered with an inert layer, with vents for gases to release and a bottom drainage network to collect leachate for treatment. SWM Rules (2016) mandate that “only the non-usable, non-recyclable, non-biodegradable, non-combustible and non-reactive inert waste and pre-processing rejects and residues from waste processing facilities shall go to a sanitary landfill.

However on an average, 91% of MSW are dumped in
landfills. These landfills are not made according to the stipulated sanitary landfills . Moreover, landfill sites have not been identified in many municipalities and even relatively large states like Chattisgarh have only 8 land-fills. More than 90% of MSW in cities and towns are directly disposed on land in an unsatisfactory manner,