Waste Collection & Treatment


India's collection rates of 67% is on par with global average

Collection rates in India are high however post that treatment of waste is relatively poor with a large portion again being dumped back on the streets or in open dumps.

According to the CPCB, average collection coverage ranges from 50% to 90%. In India, the system of primary collection of waste is practically non-existent as the system of storage of waste at source is yet to be developed, door-to-door collection of waste from household, shops and establishments is insignificant and wherever it is introduced through private sweepers or departmentally, the system does not synchronise further with the facility of waste storage depots and transportation of waste. 

Local bodies should provide daily waste collection service to all households, shops and establishments for the collection of organic waste from the doorstep because of the hot climatic conditions in the country. However, only important roads and markets are swept daily. Some streets are swept on alternate days or twice a week, and some are swept occasionally or not at all. No planning is done to ensure that all streets are swept regularly. There is no uniform bench mark, or yardstick prescribed by municipal authorities for street sweeping.